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This is a small selection of products that have proven very popular with my clients, there are many more products available and literature on request.  To make your order, simply complete the form below and list the items you require.  Once you have submitted an order you will receive an invoice to pay for the items via PayPal, cost of delivery will be dependent on size and weight.


CND Solar Oil 3.7ml £3.50
CND Solar Oil 15ml £8.00
CND Hand Cream 236ml £9.00
CND Hydrating Oil 8oz £20.00
Cucumber Heel Therapy 74g £13.50

Sienna X Tanning Products

Polishing Body Scrub £11.95
Radiance Body Balm £11.95
Balancing Body wash £11.95
Gradual Glowing Self Tan £15.95


Tropic Skincare

If you would like to purchase any of the Tropic Skincare products you can order directly through their website here.

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